Vinum Wine & Spirits Importing & Distributing

At Vinum, we are passionate about returning to the basics: about sharing good wines and spirits among family and friends. It is our mission to discover wines and spirits from artisan producers around the world and bring their drinks to your table. It’s not about chasing wines and spirits you are told you must like; it’s about helping you find variety and value, and reviving the excitement that comes from selecting and enjoying good wine and spirits.

Our goal is to import and distribute wines and spirits that:

  • Represent outstanding value in the market place;
  • We are truly passionate about;
  • Are well balanced, and compatible with a wide range of food; and
  • Are from producers that have talent, and are great fun to work with.

Simply put, we want to bring you great wines and spirits that also represent great values! Our Portuguese, French and Spanish wines, as well as those from California, Washington and Oregon represent growers and winemakers who are at the top of their craft.
We hope that by exploring our wines and spirits you, too, will find they are worth being passionate about and that you will appreciate and enjoy them as much as we do.

We invite you to learn about our wines, wineries, spirits and distilleries highlighted on our website. If you have any questions about any of the wines, spirits or producers, or where you can buy any wines or spirits in our selection, please contact us.

– The Vinum Staff

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